The Site, also known as, is sharing this document to serve as our Privacy Policy, which will inform you about the precautions we take to keep you safe from theft of any sort of information. We will lay down the details here.


The Site will not hold any personally identifiable data on our servers, meaning:

  • Legal names
  • Addresses
  • Age and gender
  • E-mails

If we ever get hold of such information, it must be volunteered by you. Most commonly, this will be your e-mail, as we will need it to make sure that you always get the latest updates with venture opportunities as they happen in real time.

Our Privacy Policy obliges us to inform you that in the event of hacking, third-party may find out your e-mail address and target you with malicious software. However, this is extremely unlikely, and though we cannot be held responsible for any such attacks, our service is available 24/7 to make sure you are safeguarded against such threats on the Site.


The security of the website is quite notable. We operate by the latest safety and security standards available in the Internet. We are absolutely committed to the idea of helping you use our service in complete safety and anonymity. Our SSL encryption standards meet the industry’s standards without any hesitation.

We will provide you with the safest browsing environment out there, which will help you always be protected online.

In the events there’s a security breach, we cannot be held responsible legally or otherwise. Our offer is up to the expected standards.

However, it will help to know hat we don’t put any identifiable information on our website. This will provide you with an extra layer of protection.

Banned Jurisdictions

We accept all countries and users unless there is a legal reason not to. If we see a sudden spike in traffic that is most likely an attack or false traffic, we will consider banning the location in order to protect our service and users. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards for our overall customer base, and that’s why we will strive to always seek the best solutions for everyone.

We will make sure to provide our services to everyone who is interested. However, all of the above precautionary measures apply in order to guarantee the complete safety of our users.

European Data Compliance

Our website is fully-committed to providing you with the best solutions when it comes to data compliance. That’s why we are fully compatible with the newest European legislation regarding data regulation and privacy.

We comply with all international laws in a bid to provide you with a top-shelf service of the utmost quality. This is precisely what you will find on our pages.