Boosted Gets $60m to Expand on Personal Mobility Devices

“Personal mobility” is a dominating trend these days and it’s no joke. There are all sorts of curious devices that make a real difference out there in the world, and they are not necessarily show-offs.

Loads of old people use mobile devices to get places, even at a somewhat slower pace. Youngsters are committed to using skateboards and other electricity-powered gizmos that allow them to whir past unwitting bystanders. And it’s all happening right before our very eyes.

Venture capital firms are truly interested in personal mobility devices as they all promise to be the future of the entire industry. It’s always uncertain how successful individual endeavors will turn out to be, but companies such as Boosted are confident.

The trend is most certainly a worthy and interesting one and it definitely deserves more attention. This is precisely what “Boosted” is doing. A start-up, this company promises to bring you electric skateboards that won’t quite rely on the kinetic power we’re used to see with youngster using one leg to give themselves, as it is, a boost and propel themselves forward.

And yet, the electric skateboards by Boosted will indeed fit better with youths who have no trouble keeping their balance on a board that can attain quite the respectable speeds indeed. With this in mind, the company has managed to raise $60 million – quite the amount which will allow it to pour extra funding into the development of its skateboards. Financing projects such as Boosted is apparently not something that investors shun or avoid.

There are various skateboards. An average make costs $750 dollars and it can run for 14 miles, which is not bad at all. The speeds aren’t truly breath-taking, but 24mph is in fact quite impressive – and if one is not too cautious, outright dangerous.

So there are many ups and downs in opting for such a transportation mode. When it comes to the construction of the tool, however, you will definitely not have a problem with it in the slightest.

The skateboard is of a sturdy construction which means that you will be able to overcome bumps on the road without damaging your board as long as you are going at a reasonable speed.

A true venture capital fund can indeed afford to pay the full price for a promising initiative such as Boosted and it’s no surprise that $60 million have been added to the  war chest of the company already.

The $60 million in funding that went into the company also indicates that the majority of investors are quite trusting when it comes to advertising to a youthful crowd. It of course all has certain risks, but so far Boosted has really got the love of its investors. As it is, everyone is quite happy with the results.

Investors have been piling on and cash has followed. The latest $60 million in funding money is really just the beginning and things are definitely about to get Boosted.

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