Gorilla Technology raises $15 million for real-time video analytics

Gorilla Technology, a promising start-up, has managed to add $15 million in new money in order to bolster their video analytics tool. This is big news indeed as the company has been working on a series of excellent tools that wold allow the company and its users to trawl across enormous data notes of video footage and find the information that is required.

The solution enables analysts to quickly spot specific data across the video which can be applied across various fields of expertise, including surveillance, risk management, mapping terrains for military or natural disaster response. In all events, the Gorilla Technology tools are truly up to the required standard and they allow analysts to benefit from the powerful set of solutions.

Let’s face it – private equity firms are truly interested in the success of companies, such as Gorilla Technology. With a solution so universal as to have many applications, it’s not difficult to imagine why as well.

Trawling video data has been one of the biggest challenges of today’s crime fighting units, for example. Going reliable through hundreds of footage has not always turned out for the best. With this in mind, there is much more that Gorilla can deliver to experts.

A good venture capital firm will always appreciate the development of tech solutions such as the one brought forward by gorilla technology. Of course, $15 million is really all not that much to throw in the funding of a company, but it can get better, as the prestige of the company continues to build up. This is all good news for everyone involved and we should definitely welcome it as an idea.

The nearly $16 million funding is pursued with this sole objective in mind. Extending the network and making it possible for customers to work with it quickly and efficiently. Solutions are not quite readily available but as the platform is streamlined for maximum efficiency, so are customers more likely to find the desired results quickly and reliably.

China has been one of the first states to master data surveillance and part of that success is to develop reliable video monitoring tool pursuing this goal in full.

Today’s world is going to go fully digital and text is going to become the second most-used medium on the Internet with multi-media, such as video and podcasts constituting the bulk of the content that is being uploaded online and downloaded, redistributed and shared.

That’s particularly why it’s important for analysts to be able to tell what’s happening in the world whether this is a matter of national security or something else.

Video manipulation can now create videos where world leaders are giving messages and people are acting on those messages. A video analytic software can quickly spot a spoof and call it out. As the dangers continue to multiply so are companies such as Gorilla trying to identify the best safety practices in video analysis.

The future is already upon us and $16 million in venture capital may be too small a price to pay for benefiting from reliable video analytical tools.

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