Elementary Robotics raises $3.6 million for intelligent robot assistants

I, Robot is within our grasp. The futuristic plot of the popular movie is not really the so distinct future any more and Elementary Robotics are about to do just that – bring the future closer to a very tangible present.

By concluding a funding round to the tune of $3.6 million in fresh capital, Elementary Robotics are most certainly the most grossing A.I. company out there. Nor do they beat Boston Robotics when it comes to, well, killer robots.

Venture capital is important to kickstart any individual enterprise and especially one that deals in robotics. That’s why investors are openly eager to get as many people onboard as they possibly can.

And yet, don’t let the elementary in the name mislead you so grossly because Elementary Robotics are working on some pretty intricate designs and solutions. The age of personal robot assistance is upon us and with those, we can expect tons of little helpers at home to solve all our problems.

Any private equity firm that wants to invest in Elementary’s outstanding solutions is more than welcome to do so and there’s a lot of reasons for investors to pursue a course of action such as this. We are convinced that this will work out in favor of everyone.

And so, Elementary Robotics wants to offer a solution to every pesky problem that we might have at home and that’s not really surprising. Not in the slightest as a matter of fact. We can talk about all sorts of possible solutions right here, ranging from cleaning bots to your very unique PA who solves half the daily workload so you can focus on the important stuff.

Having the home bots is certainly a big help and Elementary Robotics definitely don’t want to mince words. Solutions apparently await and the company delivers them in a commercial form ready for the mass market.

Different finance projects will be leveraged to boost Elementary’s overall success rate, and this is no bad thing. After all, it’s through the addition of capital that companies can grow and expand their reach, making one breakthrough after another.

Still, Elementary do have some issues to address, but that’s certainly no biggie when it comes to the future of robotics. Elementary’s machines don’t have the athletic prowess of their Boston Robotics’ counterparts but that’s just as well. Who needs a bot that can ram into a wall and get on the other side unscathed.

Elementary focus on the everyday aspect of robotics and they have been a true success. So much that investors are truly entertaining the idea of robot-assistants without a moment’s hesitation.

Of course, $3.6 million in fresh capital isn’t exactly what robotics want right now. You must do much, much more in terms of financial heft to have truly consequential results and Elementary Robotics do know that.

Even if $3.6 million remains a rather modest amount, that’s likely to improve much more down the line as the company begins to deliver its fleets of personal robots. Fresh capital will be quite naturally necessary, but that’s no biggie.

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