Indian tech Start-ups raised a record $10.5 billion in 2018

Indian tech start-ups have achieved a remarkable success in 2018, adding a total of $10.5 billion. The impressive numbers are definitely putting India on the map of countries prepared to make big steps in bringing their total number of investment opportunities.

Venture capital has been flowing the way of India’s start-ups all throughout 2018. Yet, there are many, many more things that need to be seriously addressed in future. Part of this includes a way to figure out how to boost living standards so that people can truly benefit from the same start-ups that are trying to change their lives.

And yet, a lot of private equity has been forward to different ventures in India in 2018. A whole $10.5 billion have been amassed as a result – quite the substantial number. Things are always complicated for Indian start-ups, especially now that investors are ebullient, but the growth prospects of start-ups are somewhat bleak.

Still, there have been an exceptional number of great players of Oyo Rooms raised $1 billion in September, a truly impressive number that has definitely emboldened many companies to pursue even more ambitious projects and make even bigger claims.

Mobile wallet app Paytm secured $300 million from Berkshire Hathaway which is a sum far greater than what of most western companies have been receiving. Food delivery startup Swiggy, which became a unicorn in mid-2018, secured a fresh $1 billion, which is understandable since the food scene in India is truly big.

Of course, not all financial projects have been a raging success, with many tipping into a disaster. Well, it’s definitely not the time to despair as 2019 is only now starting and it’s definitely going to be a good year. Even though many economists predict a recession. Byju’s raised $540 million which was a small achievement in its own right.

The entire country saw early-stage start-ups clinch estimated 304 deals which managed to add $916 million, which is a tremendous amount for companies with no proven track record and established market footprint.

There are many ways to achieve recognition in India’s start-up world. Many suspect that this is by simply creating sufficient buzz around one’s company. And that would be the right answer. However, at the highest level, start-ups in the tropical country remain very much competitive and they can compete even on an international level.

With this in mind, anyone who invests in the country is actually investing in the future and this is a fact. $10 billion in ready cash is nothing surprising in the longer run for India’s economy and eco system of cryptocurrencies. The future promises to be far more interesting as well.

Of course, 2019 should be taken with a pinch of salt and people shouldn’t just go ahead and invest in projects they don’t quite understand from the very beginning. However, a slow-down in capital is not very desirable at a time when India is just opening up its competitive scene.

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