raises $15.5 million for AI that extracts web data

Import.o has set out on a very ambitious task. The identification and trawling of relevant internet data. This tool just received $15.5 million to continue and pursue these efforts. You could be wondering. Where’s this data going to be needed and the answer is in fact quite simple – everywhere. Data is needed everywhere.

Companies pay huge sums of money to data mining companies, and data mining could come in many shapes and forms. Business is understandably predominantly interested in things that affect the value of assets and shares, and that means that the data extracted should have something to do with these things.

It’s understandable and we can in fact give you a decent example – risk and compliance. Billions of dollars go into the datamining industry every year, if you can believe the financial reports of companies such as Dow Jones and C6intelligence.

Import. Io is a new universal tool, though, that promises to work its way through the big expanse of the internet and deliver all the necessary details home without a commentary’s delay.

It’s definitely a tempting offer and one that really deserves your attention.

But even then, it has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Many companies are now doing their best to extract data so is already facing some very rough competition even in the face of these same companies that specialize in individual sectors.

In the case of risk and compliance that’s certainly Dow Jones. So, has to do even much better than the established mainstream leaders And that’s not always easy, of curse. But the software feels confident and it feels that it can be sold to these same companies that are already trawling data.

There are specific areas where Import. Io can outshine any competitor. For instance, risk and compliance companies often rely on manual research through the internet. However, the algorithms that generate the searches are becoming delightfully complicated. And with that, your job is becoming pleasantly simple.

Put plainly the more technology advances, the better prepared you are to enter the market. wants to show you this simple truth and it’s willing to sell to whoever need huge chunks of web data to prove its point.

Data analysis is important part of the overall process of building solid relations with customers. In a word, data dictates how businesses interact and the investment of fresh venture capital into is not surprising in the slightest.

Private equity funds will all be interested in making sure that they have a tie-up with the company as it continues to develop its product, overcome competition and claim even larger swathes of the market.

There are many challenges ahead but $15.5 million is a reasonable sum indeed and one that will see people push ahead and succeed in delivering the future of reliable data trawling.

The investment of private equity will allow them to scale and make sure that their data trawling methods will deliver the required results in the long term – a goal that is uppermost in’s mind right this moment.

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