Swiss Startup Sophia Genetics raises $77 million, Decides to Expand in the U.S.

Swiss start-up Sophia Genetics has concluded an important Series E round. The company has managed to add a significant sum of money, which will help it develop its key verticals. With the fresh $77 million in venture capital, Sophia Genetics is definitely going to spearhead its solutions.

The company is using a number of powerful high-tech solutions to fetch a higher number of people interested. Sophia Genetics leverages big data, artificial intelligence and medical science to make sure that the company is providing cutting-edge technologies that can be used in medicine to improve people’s lives.

Sophia Genetics is also going to be particularly popular with anyone who’s interested in investing their private equity into a company that holds a promise to truly revolutionize the entire health profession. There are multiple ways that the Swiss giant intends to do this.

With the latest arrival of fresh capital, Sophia Genetics is now expanding into the United States. The $77 million it has just received are enough to kickstart its expansion bid. With this in mind, the company will focus on not only successfully leveraging its product on the U.S. market, it will actively seek to somehow make more investors shed private equity funds so that the company can carry on and unfold its full potential overseas.

For Sophia Genetics, it’s an important stepping-stone and the company will truly benefit from overseas investment. It’s in the United States where health is a sensitive issue and where it’s also a very big business. This is the context in which Sophia Genetic wants to operate in and see if it can develop itself in full. Challenges, however, abound, and they are all important ones, so overlooking said challenges is not really an option.

Genetic solutions are highly sought after though. The company goes much further to present a finished product that is quite ready for the market:  “SOPHiA GENETICS combines deep expertise in life sciences and medical disciplines with mathematical capabilities in data computing. Our mission is to bring data analytics solutions to market, to support healthcare professionals by maximizing the power of Data-Driven Medicine.”

This is one of its strongest selling pitches – a marriage of all sorts of technologies that allows ambitious engineers to benefit in full from a project that promises to complete change how we think about healthcare.

Sophia Genetics is indeed something that will see in future. A company that successfully leverages different technologies to build an end product that is well worth examining. With this in mind, Sophia is indeed a company that promises to change the entire health segment.

Of course, investors will have to be aware of the downsides of investing into companies that capitalize healthcare. For starters, they can end up in a market that is heavily saturated and where, as a result, nothing really works out.

Perhaps Sophia’s solutions are really well-driven and developed well enough to present everyone with the necessary tools to advance a segment that is worth investors money but also adds tremendous value for customers.

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