French PropTech Company Adds €1.5m for Condo Platform

The French are the master of do-it-yourself initiative. They even have their own word for it – bricolage. And as costs of living are getting higher, more people find it appropriate to be able to do odd job around the house. The costs of procuring the services of a good plumber are rising, and why not do it yourself? All you have to do is get dirty.

There are many things you can do to manage properties quite well on your own. In fact, you can slash expenses by 50% and that alone thanks to Paris-based illiCorpo, a condo management platform that saves you a lot of costs and promises to make your property shine.

On January 3, 2019, the company did procure €1.5 million from Samaipata, with the chief investor Kima Ventures pitching in for a second time as well. IlliCorpo has been a success since it launched in 2017. Three fresh graduates have decided to take matters in their own hands and make sure that buildings are managed well enough without having to run into unnecessary trouble and costs.

And so, the platform is incredibly easy to use and it’s really rather super cheap, too. The platform allows resident councils to take care of their properties in just two hours a month, for only €7 per month per apartment.

PropTech has acquired sufficient venture capital to allow itself to develop and scale its operations. The affordability of the platform makes the founders confident in the potential of their solution which comes at a really low cost. Any private equity firm that invests moving forward will only allow PropTech to further streamline its product and help with the marketing, which will be one of the challenges on the road ahead.

Any documentation that needs to be submitted to the town council will be sorted out super simple because the platform will also provide managers with reminders but also have all necessary forms duly prepared for them online. Moreover, the platform hosts a selection of purveyors of different services, including financial, legal and operational functions.

illiCorpo’s own manager has been quite optimistic about the success of the company, explaining that the quality of the service has been improving even beyond customers’ expectations. The service that is provided by illiCorpo is based on technology and it has been extremely successful in leveraging technological solutions to achieve the desired effects.

Property management needed be complicated and there is certainly a huge demand for delivering the results that are necessary to maintain the security of one’s property as well as avoid any legal complications occasioned by failure to meet certain prerequisites.

IlliCorpo is here to sort you out. The latest funding round will just presage many such to come later in 2019 and beyond.

Funding partners can become anyone prepared to invest sufficiently in the platform. To contact the start-up, just visit their official website and drop a message in the contact form or phone them up directly.

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