Majicke Launches Sapienz, A Product That Helps Software Developers

Majicke is a company that has an ambitious product – Sapienz. The company has been developed by individuals out of the University College London (UCL) and it took nearly a year. A year is along time, but prior to Sapienz expectations were 15 or so years until a working solution has been finally developed.

And so, in September 2016, three researchers from UCL decided to found Majicke and work on search-based software engineering (SBSE) research, allowing them to prepare an ambitious tool that tests software. The importance of the product is quite immense as it allows developers to quickly go through many different scenarios for a piece of code, which has always been quite difficult to pull off.

Sapienz is relying on lot of private equity as well as other means of funding to make sure that it’s developing the world’s most reliable testing tool. Venture capital was also a big deal in the overall offer, allowing scientists to truly push the product from a pilot test to fully-scaled product.

Sapienz, though, creates test cases at unprecedented speeds, allowing software developers to significantly expedite their research methodology and tools. Even though it has long been the preserve of humans to build their own test cases, now Sapienz is taking over and ready to do this bit for its human overlords. The tools are quite diverse and the test cases are exceptional.

Harman, one of the founders of the tool, is also working with Facebook where he can also test his tool and see if piece of new code is working as intended. He’s also a teacher at UCL, filling in for a part-time position.

Financing projects such as Sapienz will always be paying off in the long-term and that’s precisely what the company wants to develop here indeed.  Sapienz is the future of all software testing and as a such product it deserves to be embraced in full.

The importance of Sapienz is quite distinct, too. The tool will be used for everything, from assisting with translations to making sure that there is no illegal content uploaded across any of the channels. The product has so far been successfully piloted and tested, but its full potential is far from reached.

Put very simply, Sapienz can move at an incredible speed, allowing it to test hundreds of thousands of possible scenarios and then give a detailed feedback about what went wrong and more importantly – where. It’s in this exquisiteness of the program that its founders revel.

Sapienz is a new product and it’s not as wildly available for mass use, but its benefits are incredibly useful. Having a computer do the legwork is one of the most useful applications for any piece of software and Sapienz will certainly be a hit with developers who have spent dozens of hours trying to figure out why a piece of code has broken.

Gone will be the infuriating evenings spent trying to figure out a particularly dogged piece of coding.

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