CarePredict Gets $9.5 Million to Help Senior Citizens Safeguard their Health

Health is important and it could be rather difficult to safeguard as one ages and grows older. That’s why automated software solution may prove much important in the future. They are such for a number of reasons, but we will try to outline the basic idea behind this. A wearable band that can gauge your health condition could prevent life-threatening conditions, including heart-attacks, losing balanced and many more.

But more importantly one such item could also – if not replace doctors, then at least allow places where clinics are not as common place as in most developed countries to have a massive self-diagnostic tool that will allow you to diagnose yourself and seek the help you need right away.

Of course, CarePredict has been designed with a slightly different purpose in mind. The company is looking to assist elderly individuals cut down on the travel time to the doctors as well as get a far more accurate gauge of their current physical condition.

The company is also interested in helping elderly individual avoid becoming victim to something as unnecessary and ridiculous as falling, for example. According to the National Council on Aging, an adult dies every 19 minutes in the world because of falling.

CarePredict is now back on the market with $9.5 million in fresh funding raised. The company will use the money to provide itself with sufficient opportunities to examine life-endangering conditions and make sure that its wrist bands are even more helpful and can predict any life-threatening conditions.

Now, thanks to the use of venture capital funds CarePredict can help senior citizens always be protect against various risks when it comes to their environment. The company will need more private equity to further develop its offer before it becomes lucrative but so far the signs have been very promising.

There has been a lot of fresh funding coming in the way of the company, with help from Secocha Ventures, Las Olas Ventures, Startup Health Ventures and many more. But the latest $9 million are not everything that the company has been able to amass in the past few years. The total number of funds that have been reached stand at $20 million presently, which is a sufficient number enabling it to pursue various developments across multiple sectors in healthcare.

VC firms are all very interested in investing in such lucrative segments such as care for the elderly. The industry is developing quickly but more importantly – CarePredict can avoid many accidents be avoided and that’s what matters. CarePredict is saving lives right now.

While the product is primarily targeting elderly individuals, there’re many more benefits from CarePredict than are currently advertised on the market. The company is determined to provide individuals with a lot of opportunities to avoid falling victim to conditions that could have been uprooted or treated if caught early. The future f healthcare is in smart devices and there’s no denying that.

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