K Health raises $25 million to expand its self-diagnostic platform

Self-diagnostics is important. In fact, it’s estimated to be one of the true sciences of the future. It’s a mix of engineering, computer science and most importantly – medicine. These three disciplines come together to create programable bands that can be worn and much, much more. In fact, in future, your trip to hospital would not really be necessary unless your doctor calls up on you for a routine check.

You will be, as it is hooked. K Health, a start-up committed to developing health products in the self-diagnostic sector, has just raised $25 million that will enable it to do just that. That’s good news for everyone who hopes to truly make a difference in people’s lives.

You may be wondering if this is worth it as doctors will be put out of a job. Well not quite. Nursing staff will be relieved and nobody would be running, pulling off 48-hour shifts to keep people alive. K Health is hoping that the money it has obtained as venture capital will allow the company to further develop its offer and introduce patients and doctors to technologies that will allow everyone involved in healthcare to truly benefit from the advance of technologies.

And so, K Health is now slated to introduce the world to an alternative future where people can self-diagnose. Of course, this is not to say that K Health’s artificial intelligence solutions will make people completely capable of finding when something is wrong with you.

Is a tooth decaying too quickly? Some people have bad bones and others trouble breathing. All of these problems can be solved with K Health. True, the start-up knows that some people have won the gene lottery, drawing a sweeter lot of the gene pool whereas others will have to be more careful about their bodies, and there’s no shame in that.

With the proper monitoring tools, K Health knows that it can achieve the results that everyone desires, and as a result, patients will be safe. Many rivals of K Health and in fact companies that complement its offer will be able to outline a future in which no person will ever have to fear about falling prey to a disease.

Patients once and for all will have a fighting chance against diseases that must be caught early to treat. Self-diagnostic tools may even help more by catching the symptoms of very common conditions such as the flu. If people know to start a pre-emptive course of treatment, then they can completely avoid the discomfort of dealing with these conditions.

K Health is most determined to use the private equity it has received and develop its financial project to the point where it can offer the world the quality medical service that everyone deserves.

The sum that it has managed to raise, $25 million is definitely worth considering and investing in. K Health is set to change a lot of things. Self-diagnostic is one of them and it’s well worth it.

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