Zwift raises $120 million to expand its virtual training worlds for cyclists, runners, and esport contests

Virtual cycling is definitely not so hot. But the fact of the matter is that the esports industry is picking up steam and that’s happening pretty fast. NewZoo, an intelligence firm, estimates that esports will be worth $1.5 billion by 2020. This is quite the sum.

Zwift is now going to use the freshly-acquired $120 million it has managed to raise to introduce real athletes to the world of esports. However, the company won’t encourage any mainstream use of esports, but instead focus on digital simulators and competitions online.

It’s understandable why Zwift would pursue to gain momentum on this particular track as it is. Many have wondered whether Zwift can actually develop into esports without getting negative press and the cold shoulder by potential sponsors. Well, the $120 million invested in the company are the ultimate test of people’s trust. Everyone’s quite prepared to admit that Zwift has beaten all expectations, allowing the company to break into a new and important sector.

Esports are buzzing all over the place with Fortnite announcing a major Australian tennis competition just recently. This is an important touch-stone for games that want to demonstrate that they are fully prepared to join the mainstream and share the same values.

Zwift’s own $120 million raised in fresh venture capital will allow the company to fully scale its operations. It makes perfect sense to invest in simulators, as they provide athletes with additional training parameters. Many cyclists are in fact quite capable of using the law of physics to outpace and outsmart their competitors. That’s why biking races are such great fun for many to enjoy. Understandably, Zwift can capitalize a lot on the love of people for riding a bike, but also about their open affinity for video gaming.

The platform is successfully going to move into 2019 with this solid investment, which will help it expand its footprint into the digital world. This an important stepping-stone for the future successful of Zwift.

Athletes who are recovering from injuries can also benefit from the company’s cycling simulators, which allow cyclists to monitor a number of vitals, which will help them gradually recuperate.

Zwift has received an impressive sum of money, which is quite helpful especially when Zwift is trying to pitch this brave new solution that marries traditional competition and esports.

Each good partner needs a funding partner of course. Zwift has found sufficient number of parties quite ready to disburse private equity to make sure that the company has a very good chance to enter the world of digital competitions. It’s in this context that Zwift is developing its offer for the future.

Esports and digital video gaming simulators are a buzzword for 2019 that will definitely be worth looking into. With this in mind, we definitely can say that Zwift is onto a good start. The $120 million will allow it to immediately kickstart its projects in 2019 and that’s a good thing as well.

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