Ada raises $14 million to help companies develop their own customer service chatbots

In customer service, it’s often the same thing all over again. And let’s face it – we’re all guilty of it. We’re all guilty of not really taking enough pains to read through the “boring” FAQ section. So, we take up the time of customer care agents and we often complain that they are not nearly as quick enough as we’d like them to be.

How do you imagine people who are answering already answered questions can have time for everyone? This is precisely what Ada is intending to solve right away. The company has raised $14 million to help itself manage the demanding side of customer support, developing automated answering machines simply known as service chatbots.

Service chatbots are the good characters in the story of online customer support. It’s always great to have them, especially if they are highly efficient, and if in 80% of the time they are answering a customer who’s asking the questions written in the FAQ section.

Ada, though, is beyond the idea that it will program a dummy procedure and let the software run amok. No, the service bots are far more intelligent and committed to providing customers with all the answers they need.

Even better, Ada believes that their software is far better than customer operators, because it will know all the tricks from the very first day it’s on the job. True, it will have to learn about handling interaction with humans, but Ada believes that their service chatbots can develop people’s skills and that wouldn’t be a problem.

The $14 million will easily go into developing a solution that will satisfy everyone interested in developing opportunities for the company. Admittedly, Ada is enjoying support by call centers and banks which are very eager to make sure they are saving some buck on chat agents.

This may hurt jobs, but in the long term – it will streamline the entire banking process, making it quite possible for everyone to benefit. Of course, customer care agents will have to pick new skills to adapt, but this is not entirely always bad.

Most of the customer care agents are based in overseas centers, which means that they can leverage their language skills, for example, elsewhere. Admittedly, Ada may force many to start picking more demanding skills, but this is nothing that you should openly worry about.

Venture capital has been the key factor in Ada’s success. Having managed to find private investors willing to share private equity with the company, Ada is now looking into how to add even more funding. It’s understandable that $14 million is a sufficient amount to kickstart all operations, but perhaps hardly enough to see the company through.

However, Ada’s finance project is presently in a very good spot, allowing the company to truly make a difference in its own fortunes and understandably provide companies with the much-wanted service bots, which will help everyone to reach the maximum desired potential for any call or bank center.

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