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Seismic Raises $100 million to Boost Research Capabilities

Seismic, a company that specializes in delivering top marketing and sales solutions, just bagged another $100 million from finance projects. It’s been a blast for Seismic, too, to raise such a great pile of money. It’s not always that individual projects succeed, but Seismic has been adding value for its customers.

In a highly-competitive world, marketing and successfully positioning one’s product is everything today and you will need all the private equity that you can afford to make sure that you are investing enough.

However, investment alone will not get you a top spot, although it will certainly help you get what you need. And Seismic is a company that understands customers and wants to help them position their products better.

Seismic is not about driving sales only, it’s a company that has been raising capital and reaping successes for its customers as well. So far, Seismic has added $600 million in sales, thanks to the development of venture capital over a rather short period of time, which is quite frankly commendable and quite impressive at the same time.

Driving sales is clearly the main objective of the company and it’s important for them to do it really all too well. However, how do you get to the point where you know your customers so well that you can pull their heartstrings and deliver the desired product without a fault.

It’s not just about knowing what to sell, it’s connecting with customers and looking through their habits and patterns, but also and more importantly – adding real tangible value to everyone involved and interested.

Without value, then there’s no product to sell and the rest is empty words. Seismic has managed to start small, but it quickly distinguished itself as one of the absolute leaders when it comes to delivering impeccable sales-driven products.

This is always understandable and important. With the company adding $100 million in fresh capital, two things are distinctly clear – on the one hand, all efforts to be the best cost money, but being able to fetch such a large sum means that people truly trust the product that Seismic puts forward.

Just as the name of the company suggests, Seismic is capable of detecting the small tremors in the landscape that allow it to chart successful sales strategies for its customers in a way that promise them to always fetch value for them.

Seismic is not the only company out there that competes to get the best possible results for its customers. There are many more, including SEO experts and marketing consultants, but none come close to the centralized solution provided by Seismic.

It’s this unique platform that allows everyone to develop their brands and to benefit from the best possible results in the short and long term. It’s simple as that and there’s no mistaking any of it.

Seismic is about to start charting the future of successful sales. Question is – do you and your company want to be a part of it ?

Boosted Gets $60m to Expand on Personal Mobility Devices

“Personal mobility” is a dominating trend these days and it’s no joke. There are all sorts of curious devices that make a real difference out there in the world, and they are not necessarily show-offs.

Loads of old people use mobile devices to get places, even at a somewhat slower pace. Youngsters are committed to using skateboards and other electricity-powered gizmos that allow them to whir past unwitting bystanders. And it’s all happening right before our very eyes.

Venture capital firms are truly interested in personal mobility devices as they all promise to be the future of the entire industry. It’s always uncertain how successful individual endeavors will turn out to be, but companies such as Boosted are confident.

The trend is most certainly a worthy and interesting one and it definitely deserves more attention. This is precisely what “Boosted” is doing. A start-up, this company promises to bring you electric skateboards that won’t quite rely on the kinetic power we’re used to see with youngster using one leg to give themselves, as it is, a boost and propel themselves forward.

And yet, the electric skateboards by Boosted will indeed fit better with youths who have no trouble keeping their balance on a board that can attain quite the respectable speeds indeed. With this in mind, the company has managed to raise $60 million – quite the amount which will allow it to pour extra funding into the development of its skateboards. Financing projects such as Boosted is apparently not something that investors shun or avoid.

There are various skateboards. An average make costs $750 dollars and it can run for 14 miles, which is not bad at all. The speeds aren’t truly breath-taking, but 24mph is in fact quite impressive – and if one is not too cautious, outright dangerous.

So there are many ups and downs in opting for such a transportation mode. When it comes to the construction of the tool, however, you will definitely not have a problem with it in the slightest.

The skateboard is of a sturdy construction which means that you will be able to overcome bumps on the road without damaging your board as long as you are going at a reasonable speed.

A true venture capital fund can indeed afford to pay the full price for a promising initiative such as Boosted and it’s no surprise that $60 million have been added to the  war chest of the company already.

The $60 million in funding that went into the company also indicates that the majority of investors are quite trusting when it comes to advertising to a youthful crowd. It of course all has certain risks, but so far Boosted has really got the love of its investors. As it is, everyone is quite happy with the results.

Investors have been piling on and cash has followed. The latest $60 million in funding money is really just the beginning and things are definitely about to get Boosted.

Fair Gets $385m from SoftBank for Uber Car-leasing Portfolio

A lot of things are happening in the world of the shared-economy. Car sharing and car leasing are one of those “many things”. Fair, a company that acquired Uber’s car leasing portfolio is now planning to go global.

And why wouldn’t it? Whether you know it or not, chances are that every time you lease a car, you are actually using fair. If you are not, though, you can easily familiarize yourself with the fact. SoftBank and the venture capital initiative backed by the bank are looking to make sure that Fair and Uber can provide people with excellent options for the future of car leasing.

So with Uber’s fleet of vehicles (some of which will be self-driving) and Fair’s own business acumen, this seems like a match made in heaven. The fact that SoftBank just invested $385 million alongside other investors is a sure-fire sign that things are going truly global for the Fair-Uber alliance.

Expanding on an international scale is always a challenge, but Uber is no stranger to being met with hostility. Where Uber has been calloused by the long drawn-out fights with French syndicates and attacks on its drivers all over the world, Fair comes in with technical solutions and the sort of enthusiasm that comes with the fact that you don’t have to bear the brunt of people’s discontent (meaning Uber’s attack on the taxi industry).

It’s simple as that. Fair will be launching its app international. The money will have to be divvied up carefully, because the platform and hail-service will have to turn profit quick to reassure investors.

And yet, no investor would actually decide to commit $400 million (or thereabouts) if they didn’t think that the venture will be successful in the first place.

The leasing price at fair ranges, but you can pick vehicles as cheap as $100 a month and go all the way up to $450 and into some truly luxurious segments that you will not want to damage. Fair’s platform is also exceptionally useful as it will provide you with a number of useful statistics that will help you better understand which car to pick.

It’s always helpful to know the fuel consumption for example and Fair doesn’t leave any such details out, which boosts user confidence into the product.

Uber started as a start-up capital firm but it transitioned into a disruptive force and a game-changer for many industries indeed. The fact that it’s partially a merger firm through its partnerships with Fair doesn’t detract of its potency. If anything, it highlights it which is always a good thing. Uber will be changing much more indeed in the years to come.

The companies will benefit from the interest of car makers such as BMW and Mercedes which have already invested in other related activities part of the companies’ activities. In fact, Fair added $1 billion in October – an eye-popping sum indeed. Need to rent a car? Look no further!

Esports pioneer Alexander Garfield raises $9 million for Popdog, an Esports Company

Esports are a multi-million industry. Very, very soon they are going to be worth billions. In fact, NewZoo, one of the companies that actually specializes in running comprehensive analyses of the industry estimates that by 2020, video games (played as an official sport) will be worth $1.4 billion.

This is an impressive amount that has made brands such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz invest into the industry – in the form of training facilities. Even sports teams, such as Paris Saint-Germain have decided to leave their mark by tying up a partnership with Chinese powerhouse LGD.

And the money has followed. Now, a fantasy shooter game called Overwatch is building arenas all around the world so that you can attend a “match” just like you would go to a football game. One thing is certain – however bizarre this looks to you, remember that this is a multi-billion industry. Private equity is apparently important and there’s no mistaking this fact that it helps companies build and expand at an outstanding clip. That’s why Mr. Garfield wants to bring more private investors onboard and make the whole thing work.

However, whether this is possible would depend only on the willingness of investors to spend money on esports. Mr. Garfield is quite confident that he can convince the whole lot of them.

However, there’s a rule – don’t try to cheat the crowd. If you are a carmaker, then make very sure that you are selling them cars and not trying to masquerade it as something else – they don’t really take fondly to this kind of cheating.

Now, Popdog, a new esports company started by esports professional Alexander Garfield has managed to raise $9 million in fresh capital and the company is here to teach everyone about sports – even the mainstream brands that are not related to it in any way.

Mr. Garfield’s initiative will work with players from both end of the industry – from those specializing in delivering esports-ready product to those that prefer to be a mainstream brand and just pour cash into the segment.

Popdog will be focusing on offering insightful tips to those mainstream (endemic brands), but it will also boost various experiences that esports fans themselves are very interested in. As a result, Popdog will change how events are live-streamed, which will be an important stepping-stone to its future success, according to Mr. Garfield. There is of course more to come, he estimates, however this remains to be seen. Venture capital is important, of course, as it helps everyone involved to quickly find a way to realize a project without any unnecessary hassle.

In a nutshell, the $9 million funding round was done with the sole purpose to kickstart a start-up that is focused on delivering relevant business insights to anyone interested in breaking into the esports industry (in one form or another) and make sure that they capitalize on it by adding to their own capital without any trouble or effort. It all adds up.

Gorilla Technology raises $15 million for real-time video analytics

Gorilla Technology, a promising start-up, has managed to add $15 million in new money in order to bolster their video analytics tool. This is big news indeed as the company has been working on a series of excellent tools that wold allow the company and its users to trawl across enormous data notes of video footage and find the information that is required.

The solution enables analysts to quickly spot specific data across the video which can be applied across various fields of expertise, including surveillance, risk management, mapping terrains for military or natural disaster response. In all events, the Gorilla Technology tools are truly up to the required standard and they allow analysts to benefit from the powerful set of solutions.

Let’s face it – private equity firms are truly interested in the success of companies, such as Gorilla Technology. With a solution so universal as to have many applications, it’s not difficult to imagine why as well.

Trawling video data has been one of the biggest challenges of today’s crime fighting units, for example. Going reliable through hundreds of footage has not always turned out for the best. With this in mind, there is much more that Gorilla can deliver to experts.

A good venture capital firm will always appreciate the development of tech solutions such as the one brought forward by gorilla technology. Of course, $15 million is really all not that much to throw in the funding of a company, but it can get better, as the prestige of the company continues to build up. This is all good news for everyone involved and we should definitely welcome it as an idea.

The nearly $16 million funding is pursued with this sole objective in mind. Extending the network and making it possible for customers to work with it quickly and efficiently. Solutions are not quite readily available but as the platform is streamlined for maximum efficiency, so are customers more likely to find the desired results quickly and reliably.

China has been one of the first states to master data surveillance and part of that success is to develop reliable video monitoring tool pursuing this goal in full.

Today’s world is going to go fully digital and text is going to become the second most-used medium on the Internet with multi-media, such as video and podcasts constituting the bulk of the content that is being uploaded online and downloaded, redistributed and shared.

That’s particularly why it’s important for analysts to be able to tell what’s happening in the world whether this is a matter of national security or something else.

Video manipulation can now create videos where world leaders are giving messages and people are acting on those messages. A video analytic software can quickly spot a spoof and call it out. As the dangers continue to multiply so are companies such as Gorilla trying to identify the best safety practices in video analysis.

The future is already upon us and $16 million in venture capital may be too small a price to pay for benefiting from reliable video analytical tools.

Elementary Robotics raises $3.6 million for intelligent robot assistants

I, Robot is within our grasp. The futuristic plot of the popular movie is not really the so distinct future any more and Elementary Robotics are about to do just that – bring the future closer to a very tangible present.

By concluding a funding round to the tune of $3.6 million in fresh capital, Elementary Robotics are most certainly the most grossing A.I. company out there. Nor do they beat Boston Robotics when it comes to, well, killer robots.

Venture capital is important to kickstart any individual enterprise and especially one that deals in robotics. That’s why investors are openly eager to get as many people onboard as they possibly can.

And yet, don’t let the elementary in the name mislead you so grossly because Elementary Robotics are working on some pretty intricate designs and solutions. The age of personal robot assistance is upon us and with those, we can expect tons of little helpers at home to solve all our problems.

Any private equity firm that wants to invest in Elementary’s outstanding solutions is more than welcome to do so and there’s a lot of reasons for investors to pursue a course of action such as this. We are convinced that this will work out in favor of everyone.

And so, Elementary Robotics wants to offer a solution to every pesky problem that we might have at home and that’s not really surprising. Not in the slightest as a matter of fact. We can talk about all sorts of possible solutions right here, ranging from cleaning bots to your very unique PA who solves half the daily workload so you can focus on the important stuff.

Having the home bots is certainly a big help and Elementary Robotics definitely don’t want to mince words. Solutions apparently await and the company delivers them in a commercial form ready for the mass market.

Different finance projects will be leveraged to boost Elementary’s overall success rate, and this is no bad thing. After all, it’s through the addition of capital that companies can grow and expand their reach, making one breakthrough after another.

Still, Elementary do have some issues to address, but that’s certainly no biggie when it comes to the future of robotics. Elementary’s machines don’t have the athletic prowess of their Boston Robotics’ counterparts but that’s just as well. Who needs a bot that can ram into a wall and get on the other side unscathed.

Elementary focus on the everyday aspect of robotics and they have been a true success. So much that investors are truly entertaining the idea of robot-assistants without a moment’s hesitation.

Of course, $3.6 million in fresh capital isn’t exactly what robotics want right now. You must do much, much more in terms of financial heft to have truly consequential results and Elementary Robotics do know that.

Even if $3.6 million remains a rather modest amount, that’s likely to improve much more down the line as the company begins to deliver its fleets of personal robots. Fresh capital will be quite naturally necessary, but that’s no biggie. raises $15.5 million for AI that extracts web data

Import.o has set out on a very ambitious task. The identification and trawling of relevant internet data. This tool just received $15.5 million to continue and pursue these efforts. You could be wondering. Where’s this data going to be needed and the answer is in fact quite simple – everywhere. Data is needed everywhere.

Companies pay huge sums of money to data mining companies, and data mining could come in many shapes and forms. Business is understandably predominantly interested in things that affect the value of assets and shares, and that means that the data extracted should have something to do with these things.

It’s understandable and we can in fact give you a decent example – risk and compliance. Billions of dollars go into the datamining industry every year, if you can believe the financial reports of companies such as Dow Jones and C6intelligence.

Import. Io is a new universal tool, though, that promises to work its way through the big expanse of the internet and deliver all the necessary details home without a commentary’s delay.

It’s definitely a tempting offer and one that really deserves your attention.

But even then, it has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Many companies are now doing their best to extract data so is already facing some very rough competition even in the face of these same companies that specialize in individual sectors.

In the case of risk and compliance that’s certainly Dow Jones. So, has to do even much better than the established mainstream leaders And that’s not always easy, of curse. But the software feels confident and it feels that it can be sold to these same companies that are already trawling data.

There are specific areas where Import. Io can outshine any competitor. For instance, risk and compliance companies often rely on manual research through the internet. However, the algorithms that generate the searches are becoming delightfully complicated. And with that, your job is becoming pleasantly simple.

Put plainly the more technology advances, the better prepared you are to enter the market. wants to show you this simple truth and it’s willing to sell to whoever need huge chunks of web data to prove its point.

Data analysis is important part of the overall process of building solid relations with customers. In a word, data dictates how businesses interact and the investment of fresh venture capital into is not surprising in the slightest.

Private equity funds will all be interested in making sure that they have a tie-up with the company as it continues to develop its product, overcome competition and claim even larger swathes of the market.

There are many challenges ahead but $15.5 million is a reasonable sum indeed and one that will see people push ahead and succeed in delivering the future of reliable data trawling.

The investment of private equity will allow them to scale and make sure that their data trawling methods will deliver the required results in the long term – a goal that is uppermost in’s mind right this moment.

Indian tech Start-ups raised a record $10.5 billion in 2018

Indian tech start-ups have achieved a remarkable success in 2018, adding a total of $10.5 billion. The impressive numbers are definitely putting India on the map of countries prepared to make big steps in bringing their total number of investment opportunities.

Venture capital has been flowing the way of India’s start-ups all throughout 2018. Yet, there are many, many more things that need to be seriously addressed in future. Part of this includes a way to figure out how to boost living standards so that people can truly benefit from the same start-ups that are trying to change their lives.

And yet, a lot of private equity has been forward to different ventures in India in 2018. A whole $10.5 billion have been amassed as a result – quite the substantial number. Things are always complicated for Indian start-ups, especially now that investors are ebullient, but the growth prospects of start-ups are somewhat bleak.

Still, there have been an exceptional number of great players of Oyo Rooms raised $1 billion in September, a truly impressive number that has definitely emboldened many companies to pursue even more ambitious projects and make even bigger claims.

Mobile wallet app Paytm secured $300 million from Berkshire Hathaway which is a sum far greater than what of most western companies have been receiving. Food delivery startup Swiggy, which became a unicorn in mid-2018, secured a fresh $1 billion, which is understandable since the food scene in India is truly big.

Of course, not all financial projects have been a raging success, with many tipping into a disaster. Well, it’s definitely not the time to despair as 2019 is only now starting and it’s definitely going to be a good year. Even though many economists predict a recession. Byju’s raised $540 million which was a small achievement in its own right.

The entire country saw early-stage start-ups clinch estimated 304 deals which managed to add $916 million, which is a tremendous amount for companies with no proven track record and established market footprint.

There are many ways to achieve recognition in India’s start-up world. Many suspect that this is by simply creating sufficient buzz around one’s company. And that would be the right answer. However, at the highest level, start-ups in the tropical country remain very much competitive and they can compete even on an international level.

With this in mind, anyone who invests in the country is actually investing in the future and this is a fact. $10 billion in ready cash is nothing surprising in the longer run for India’s economy and eco system of cryptocurrencies. The future promises to be far more interesting as well.

Of course, 2019 should be taken with a pinch of salt and people shouldn’t just go ahead and invest in projects they don’t quite understand from the very beginning. However, a slow-down in capital is not very desirable at a time when India is just opening up its competitive scene.

Bowery – Grow Your Own Food Startup Gets $90m

Mankind is all about surviving and adapting. And for a long while, we have grown and hunted our food, moving with the times and seasons. However, in the past few hundreds of thousands of years we’ve started growing things. And now, in the 21st century, we’re ever more committed to making our farming practices even more secure and reliable.

Naturally, it will always taka e bit of effort, but the payoff is quite significant. Bowery is now attempting to do something similar, developing the future of farming – and it’s indoors. Bowery has managed to add $90 million out of a funding round which the company expected wouldn’t exceed $200 million, making it one of the most significant achievements for the company in its history.

And Bowery most certainly doesn’t lack for competition in the sector, which is contested by many other companies. The potential trade-offs for the world are huge as well. An indoors farming environment can have huge potential benefits for mankind as it allow us to stop worrying about growing pesticides and killing plant viruses and other malaises that afflict the grown-food.

Estimated 700 million pounds of pesticides are produced worldwide and they can be cut short, which will help the environment significantly. Bowery is already growing its own crops in warehouses in New Jersey and it can guarantee its customers that their food is fresh out of the plant.

But the company has also managed to do quite a bit of things correctly, too. For instance, most start-ups die out before they reach their second year. Bowery has been around for three years now and that’s a sure-fire sign that the company is going the right way. No mistaking that. Now, the company has even expanded its work force to 65 employees, which is a significant increase in year-over-year acquisition.

With $90 million fresh on the table, the company may expand even further. It will need to add new storage units and also tighten up its security and control over the environment. Companies that produces pesticides aren’t happy that someone is effectively putting them out of business, although presently Bowery cannot feed a single district in the U.S. so mass-production plans are not immediate.

While the costs of pesticides will be cut out, new expenses will arise from growing food indoors, which is a tough challenge in itself, especially if it’s intended for mass production.

Growing stuff inside can be really difficult, but Bowery has managed to secure enough private equity and venture capital to guarantee itself a strong foothold in the competitive market. With the latest addition of $90 million, the company is quite read to keep scaling its successful model and make sure that it works.

The company’s definitely revolutionizing farming and what it needs is more private investors or any venture firm to back it in order to keep growing its clout. Of course, it will be a while before Bowery can farm kilometres of land.

Swiss Startup Sophia Genetics raises $77 million, Decides to Expand in the U.S.

Swiss start-up Sophia Genetics has concluded an important Series E round. The company has managed to add a significant sum of money, which will help it develop its key verticals. With the fresh $77 million in venture capital, Sophia Genetics is definitely going to spearhead its solutions.

The company is using a number of powerful high-tech solutions to fetch a higher number of people interested. Sophia Genetics leverages big data, artificial intelligence and medical science to make sure that the company is providing cutting-edge technologies that can be used in medicine to improve people’s lives.

Sophia Genetics is also going to be particularly popular with anyone who’s interested in investing their private equity into a company that holds a promise to truly revolutionize the entire health profession. There are multiple ways that the Swiss giant intends to do this.

With the latest arrival of fresh capital, Sophia Genetics is now expanding into the United States. The $77 million it has just received are enough to kickstart its expansion bid. With this in mind, the company will focus on not only successfully leveraging its product on the U.S. market, it will actively seek to somehow make more investors shed private equity funds so that the company can carry on and unfold its full potential overseas.

For Sophia Genetics, it’s an important stepping-stone and the company will truly benefit from overseas investment. It’s in the United States where health is a sensitive issue and where it’s also a very big business. This is the context in which Sophia Genetic wants to operate in and see if it can develop itself in full. Challenges, however, abound, and they are all important ones, so overlooking said challenges is not really an option.

Genetic solutions are highly sought after though. The company goes much further to present a finished product that is quite ready for the market:  “SOPHiA GENETICS combines deep expertise in life sciences and medical disciplines with mathematical capabilities in data computing. Our mission is to bring data analytics solutions to market, to support healthcare professionals by maximizing the power of Data-Driven Medicine.”

This is one of its strongest selling pitches – a marriage of all sorts of technologies that allows ambitious engineers to benefit in full from a project that promises to complete change how we think about healthcare.

Sophia Genetics is indeed something that will see in future. A company that successfully leverages different technologies to build an end product that is well worth examining. With this in mind, Sophia is indeed a company that promises to change the entire health segment.

Of course, investors will have to be aware of the downsides of investing into companies that capitalize healthcare. For starters, they can end up in a market that is heavily saturated and where, as a result, nothing really works out.

Perhaps Sophia’s solutions are really well-driven and developed well enough to present everyone with the necessary tools to advance a segment that is worth investors money but also adds tremendous value for customers.